Paying for the web meeting

The fee for the web meeting is £15. You must pay and then notify in good time so that your name can be added to the connections list.

You can pay by:

* Cash or cheque at Tony's monthly meeting in London. Simply tell the person taking money that you wish to participate in the web meeting and print your name on the web meeting list,

* Send a cheque to The Open Secret Office, Mushroom Cottage, Barkers Hill, Semley, Shaftesbury, Dorset SP7 9BH - Don't forget to say who you are if using a cheque book that does not state your name (it happens!), or

* PayPal - send £15 to

DON'T FORGET - Having paid your money you must identify yourself to the system by sending an email to saying who you are and that you have paid in oredr to get the link email.