Tony Parsons Web Meetings

A web meeting (webinar) is like a regular sit-around meeting except that participants sit at home and use their own computer or phone to contact the presenter. In this type of web meeting, participants can see the presenter and hear and see whoever is asking or answering a question.

Tony's web meetings use software by "Zoom". The process is:

1 The web meeting is set up and notified on

2 Those wishing to participate pay and then tell the opensecret team that they have paid by sending an email with their name in it to

3 The team email participants. The email contains a link to the web meeting and a few simple joining instructions. Participants might then check that their speaker/ earpiece and microphone work. A headset is optimum to reduce feedback, but an ordinary computer should be fine.

4 Just before the web meeting is due to start, participants click on the link.

5 Participants then follow verbal instructions.

6 Tony starts the web meeting and those wishing to ask a question click on the "raise hand" icon when they wish to ask a question. The icon disappears and the request is queued. Just before the questioner goes on-line he sees "You are being promoted to panellist". Everyone hears what Tony and the questioner say; other participants see the person speaking and Tony sees the participant asking a question. There is no guarantee that everyone will get their question included.

7 The web meetings last about an hour, after which Tony concludes and all links are detached.