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This is a communication which illuminates the paradoxical nature of non-duality and exposes the deluded idea that it is something that can be acquired and experienced.

It seems that in the boundless energy that is oneness there can also arise a contracted energy which brings about apparent self-awareness. A powerful and convincing sense of self-identity seems to arise together with a belief in personal free will and choice in what is experienced as a real life story. All of these personal experiences can only apparently arise in what seems to be a very real but dualistic reality in which everything appears to be separate. This sense of separation can bring with it a sense of loss and a need to seek guidance, an understanding or a path or process that can promise fulfilment. There are attempts to seek unity which are totally futile because the separate seeker is apparently the very dualism from which it is trying to escape.

This dilemma is illuminated in this unique communication which makes no demands, has no expectations and does not cater in any way to the seeker’s need for answers, processes or a  path to follow. This uncompromising message can be both confronting and liberating.

The whole personal investment in making spiritual progress, becoming more aware, more still, more open or more anything at all can simply unravel in this radical revelation. The whole perception of “the self” or “the world” it seems to live in, can be transformed and leave nothing to support the illusion of personal separation, control and continuation.

Suddenly, the absence that was feared is the absence which is unknowable, but paradoxically is also the very fullness, the freedom that was longed for.

Nonduality . . . the myth

Apparently . . .

Although there is no such thing as nonduality it seems that there are many different ideas about what it could be.

Because the separate seeker experiences everything as a subject object reality it is inevitable that it will see nonduality as a something that can be personally attained and experienced. It will also be seen as a state of no-self that can be taught or energetically transferred.

Attempts are made to use the idea of nonduality as a description of the unknown?

It is often talked about as a something that needs to be integrated, nurtured and supported?

There are even conferences held about its evolutionary development and its possible outcome in another something called the future?

It is amazing how many different beliefs and theories can arise about nothing.

The term nonduality is just that. It is a term similar to Advaita, and refers to the concept of “not two”. The idea of there being “not two” is attempting to define a mystery. The mystery cannot be named or known, of course, but there are certain descriptions which get somewhere near: the formless form, the relative absolute, the empty fullness or what is and is not, which all defy definition and make no sense.

All of these ideas are immediately rejected by the separate seeker who is entirely invested in its own survival and seeks an answer that will satisfy its own experience of reality.

Empty fullness cannot be taught or experienced, for how and where would it be found if it is already all there is? Where would there be a place to stand and know or be aware of nothing and everything?

However, isn’t it wonderful that the dualistic confusion which surrounds something called nonduality is already empty fullness.

February 2018